Window Repairs

Why does your window need repairs?

There’s a number of things that could be wrong with your windows. Following are reasons for requiring window repairs:

Draughty Windows – Your window(s) is letting in cold air from the outside. There could be a number of reasons including cracked upvc, broken draught excluders, misaligned
windows and more.

Faulty Windows – The window won’t close or open properly due to a faulty mechanism either through the hinges (broken or bent), and this could be a security risk. We can rapidly analyse the problem and sort it out.

Jammed Windows – Windows that won’t open or close at all, or are very hard to close. This could be due to broken hinges, missing ball bearings or a number of other reasons.

Broken Window Handles – Handles can snap, bend, go stiff or just plain won’t close. Usually we simply replace the handle with a new one.

Bent Window Hinges – Have the hinges been bent out of place? Either because of an accident, wear and tear or just plain cheap hinges, we will try to bend them back in place but usually will replace the window hinges completely.